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Environmentally Responsible Logging & Land Clearing

The employees of Monadnock Landclearing & Chipping, are certified in the N.H. professional logger program and have earned their license to harvest timber in Massachusetts. We have a vested interested in the longevity of our forest lands and are very careful not to harm healthy trees while cutting and removing timber.

Lot Clearing

Make room for your residential or commercial building with services from our logging company. Our licensed and trained loggers strive to complete every job on time and on budget.


Clear-cutting removes all trees from a site. Generally, this process is requested to prepare a site for building or to create open-area views.

Selective Cutting

Selective cutting is a type of forest harvesting that targets the removal of certain tree species and sizes. Once removed, the selected trees are either used as timber or to make firewood and wood chips.

The advantages of this process include:

• Less Surge Of Algae-Fostering Nitrates Into Water
• Less Ground Exposed to Sun That Would Increase Warming Of The Area in the Summer & Cooling In The Winter
• Less Water Loss from Soil
• Less Disruption To The Forest Environment
• Harvesting Of Trees Of Desired Size, Type, & Quality
• Less Soil Erosion & Runoff Into Local Streams
• No Disruption Of Fish Spawning, Nesting Areas, Or Wildlife Habitat

Whole Tree Chipping

Most forest stands contain a substantial component of trees too small or unsuitable for production of usual forest products. However, within the last several decades, the forest industry’s widespread introduction of whole-tree chipping technology in the woods has opened the possibility of converting this previously underutilized component of the forest into wood energy.

Whole-tree chipping for wood energy is a highly mechanized tree-harvesting system. The process uses specialized machines for cutting and transporting trees to a central location, there, they are converted into small, easily transported wood chips that are blown into box trailers by the chipper for delivery to a boiler or storage facility. Our wood chips are sold to commercial establishments and local power plants. Our tree chipper handles material diameters of up to two feet.

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